7 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Appliances


Picking the right appliances is both exciting and nerve-racking. There are a lot of brands and features to chose between. One thing to also consider is the finish. There are more colors available today than in the past, but stainless steel is still our top pick. Here are a few reasons why we love stainless steel appliances!


1. They Act as a Neutral

Stainless steel appliances act like a neutral, making them perfect for any kitchen color palette. People are often concerned that if they’re using warmer colors like beige and cream that stainless steel won’t go. Think of stainless steel like denim, it goes with everything!


2. They Appeal to Buyers

Whether or not you plan to sell your custom home, it’s always good to keep future resale in mind in case life plans change. The great thing about stainless steel appliances is that they’re a huge selling point to buyers. Buyers love when kitchens have stainless appliances, and often willing to spend more for homes that have them included in the sale.


3. They are Easy to Design Around

Due to stainless steel acting like a neutral, they’re extremely easy to design around. A lot of decisions go into creating a cohesive kitchen design and style. Not having to worry about the appliances going with your countertop selection is a huge relief. They even work well with warmer metals, so if you want to use bronze or copper cabinet hardware don’t worry!


4. They Bounce Light Around

If your kitchen feels dark, stainless steel appliances can help lighten it up. Because stainless steel is metallic, it bounces light around more than white or black appliances. Black appliances tend to create black holes in a kitchen design and suck the light from a room. So swapping out your old or dark appliances for stainless steel is a great way to lighten up a kitchen.


5. They Look Updated

Stainless steel appliances have been around for a while, but they still feel fresh and updated. Maybe it’s the metallic finish or maybe it’s that they’re a sharp move away from the white appliances that plagued the 1990’s. Either way, most people associate stainless steel as being updated and modern.


6. They Match Across Brands

A huge issue with using colored or even white appliances is that the colors don’t exactly match across brands. Most people don’t use the same brand for all of their kitchen appliances, so this is a concern. Stainless steel is similar across most brands, so it makes mixing and matching easy.


7. They’re Durable

One thing people found with colored appliances were that when they dinged or scratched it was super visible. The durability of appliances depends on brand and product, but overall stainless steel appliances are more durable and show less wear.


Lately, brands have been coming out with “black stainless steel” colors. Be careful of these, as it’s just a coating over regular stainless steel. When they appliances get scratched or dented the coating is known to come off.