Trying to decide the right size for your custom home? It can sometimes be hard for homeowners to explain that there are a lot of factors that dictate how big a home can actually be. The desires and needs of the family are only one part of determining the square footage of a project. Here are a few factors that will impact how large of a custom home is built.


Needs & Wants

Before we even begin designing, we always ask our clients for a list of their must-haves in their new custom home and then a list of their top wants. A client that needs 5 bedrooms will usually end up building a larger home than one that only needs 4. How large these lists are will really impact how big of a home gets built. There may need to compromises with the items on the lists due to the other factors below.



It should come as no surprise that a bigger home costs more money to make. The more square footage the more materials and labor needed to build it. During the planning phase of the building process, we always ask homeowners what their budget is. The budget, combined with the client’s list of wants and needs, helps us create a plan. It’s all about finding the right balance.



The lot plays a big role in determining how large the home can actually be. A large lot can handle a larger home. The shape of the lot will also influence how wide or tall the home has to be. One thing homeowners often forget about when looking at lots is how flat they are. A lot with difficult terrain will either mean more money to make the land buildable or a smaller home.


Local Codes

There are tons of local codes and regulations that dictate how large homes can be. Certain neighborhoods don’t allow homes to be built over a certain size, so look into this before purchasing in an area. Codes also determine the ratio between lot size and square footage. You don’t have to worry so much about this though. Our experienced custom home builders will look into all regulations to ensure we’re complying when creating your designs.


Architectural Style

When building a custom home, one of the best parts is that you get to build in whatever style you want. Whether that’s a pretty Cape Cod or a sleek Contemporary home, all architectural styles are available. The style chosen can impact the size though. For example, Craftsman and Ranch style homes tend to be smaller while Victorian and Tudors are larger.


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