5 Tips for Designing a Modern Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design


When it comes to building custom homes in Toronto, many people are choosing to go modern. Modern homes have a unique feel to them and compliment the bustling city of Toronto. There’s no such thing as cookie cutter when it comes to modern homes, which is one reason why we love building them. Modern homes are all about utilizing nature, whether it’s natural materials or natural light, and keeping things simple. But simple isn’t always east, so our custom home builders outlined a few helpful tips for designing the perfect modern custom home!


Use Natural Materials

A big element to modern homes is the use of natural materials. Materials like stone, concrete, and wood are heavily used. Many people think of modern homes as cold and sterile, but using these natural materials helps warm up the home. If you’re building a custom home modern use these elements in both the exterior and interior design. Modern homes also rely on the indoor-outdoor concept, which is achieved by bringing natural materials indoors.


Simplify Architectural Details

Some style of homes like Craftsman and Victorian houses are full of architectural details such as crown molding and built-ins. Moderns homes are the opposite. It’s all about clean lines. Rooflines are kept simple, walls are flat, and the level of architectural details is minimal. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any design in the space though. Simple doesn’t mean boring!


Maximize Natural Light

We touched on how modern homes focus on achieving indoor-outdoor living. Using natural materials plays a role in this, but natural light is a big element too. Modern homes often have tons of large windows to allow light to flow in and to have sightlines outside. Every home benefits from natural light, but it’s a must-have when building a modern custom home so be sure to have a large window budget.


Focus on Minimalism

After you’ve built your modern home, it’s time for decorating. To keep with the simple architectural style, make sure the interior design is minimal. Everything from art to furniture should have clean lines and serve a purpose. Modern homes aren’t the place for knickknacks or clutter. Overall, minimalism and modern homes go hand in hand so keep that in mind.


Think about Flow and Flexibility

The floor plan of a modern home is also important. Spaces in modern homes are all about flow and flexibility. Most modern homes feature open concept living spaces. These living spaces should also flow to the outdoors to further achieve indoor-outdoor living. Certain spaces should also be flexible, working to serve multiple purposes.


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