Does your Toronto home suffer from a low ceiling? There are a number of reasons the ceilings may be lower than normal, or just appear that way. It’s a common problem that can impact a number of other design choices. Luckily there are a number of tricks you can do to make them appear taller than they really are!


Use Recessed Lighting

If you have a low ceiling the best thing to do is avoid hanging anything from it, which will make it appear even shorter! This means you should pick your lighting style carefully, avoiding hanging lights such as chandeliers. Use recessed can lighting wherever possible or opt for wall scones instead.


Skip Crown Molding

Molding is used to define the ceiling and add extra detail, but in a room with short ceilings, this is the last thing you want. Molding protrudes down from the ceiling, which will pull the ceiling down even more. Either skip crown molding entirely or opt for a very thin style painted the same color as the ceiling.


Paint the Ceiling White

Most ceiling, even in custom homes are painted white. There’s a reason this is the default choice for ceilings. White lifts and lightens, which is exactly what you want in a home with low ceilings. If you’re not sold on going pure white, pick a lighter shade than your wall color at least. It’s also a good idea to avoid ceiling details such as beams or coffers.


Use High- Gloss

Most ceilings are painted in a flat sheen, which means they aren’t shiny at all. This is normally good, but using high gloss paint will help make a room with low ceilings look higher. The reflection of light and objects will brighten the room and make it feel taller.


Let the Ceiling Color Creep

This is a little forced perspective trick that designers often use to add a few inches in appearance to a short ceiling. Whatever color you decide on for the ceiling, let it creep down the walls a bit. This will make the ceiling boundaries look higher, thus visually increasing the height of the room overall.


Go for Vertical Wall Details

Adding vertical wall details such as painting stripes or installing vertical wood paneling will force the eye to go up. This will help make a room appear taller. It’s a simple design trick that works and makes the whole room appear bigger.


Hang Décor Higher

If you’re planning on hanging drapes or artwork, a good tip to make low ceilings taller is to hang them higher than you normally would. By hanging things higher, our eyes are fooled into thinking the ceiling is taller than it really is. Make sure to hang any wall art vertically too, which will make the eye go up.


Use Low Furniture

When the horizontal lines in a room are lower, such as from furniture, it tricks the eye into thinking the rest of the room is taller. Lower furniture will emphasize the distance between the furniture and the ceiling. So opt for lower seating and tables. This will also help maximize views, so there are added bonuses.


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