For many pet owners, their pets aren’t just animals, they’re family! As custom home builders, we often get requests to include pet-friendly features in the home design to accommodate our clients furry family members. Here are some of the best designs to include to make your custom home pet-friendly!


1. Enclosed Porches

Toronto weathers can be brutal, which means that people love to enjoy the warm summers while they last. Pets also love the brief warmth as well, but for some animals having open access outdoors can be dangerous. An enclosed porch, or a screened in porch, allows animals like cats or dogs to enjoy the outdoors in a protected place.


2. Pet Showers

If your custom home includes a mudroom, one aspect we recommend adding is a pet shower. This provides an easily accessible place to wash down your muddy pup after a long play session outside. A bonus is that it can also be used for non-pet activities such as washing dirty feet or hosing down dirty shoes.


3. Litter Rooms

A common issues cat owners face is where to place their cat’s litter box. Should it be hidden or out in the open? It often depends on the cat, but many clients ask us to include a hidden area specifically for the litter box in their home. We usually recommend placing it in a bathroom, laundry room, or mudroom for easy cleaning, but they’re a great way to appease your cat without having to sacrifice comfort.


4. Cat Shelves

Anyone with a cat knows how they love to climb and explore. Some cat owners have taken installing specific cat shelves in their home. When installed correctly they look exactly like bookshelves, which means they don’t take away from the luxury of your new custom home.


5. Nap Niches

If you’re struggling with constantly stepping over your sleeping pet, consider including a specific secluded area for your dog to nap in. Many people are utilizing the unused space under their stairs by transforming them into dog areas. This is a great way to use otherwise wasted space while also providing a safe and comfortable space for your dog to sleep and play.


6. Pet Gates

Baby gates aren’t just used for babies these days. Many owners have rigged baby gates to keep pets in or out of certain areas of their homes. If you’re building a custom home consider installed hidden but permanent pet gates. They work great for keeping dogs out of the kitchen or corralled in a laundry room for a bit.


Want more tips on how to make your Toronto custom home pet-friendly? Contact us today to get started working with one of our amazing custom home builders!