The kitchen might be the most important room in the home. Interestingly, it also is the room that often reflects societies views. What’s standard in a kitchen has changed throughout the years. In the ’90s and early 2000s, almost every new kitchen was built with a desk area. These days, more people are opting not to include them in their custom home kitchen or are tearing them out during remodels.


So what exactly are the pros and cons of having a kitchen desk?


Pros of a Kitchen Desk


Dedicated Space

Homes in Toronto tend to be smaller due to city lot sizes. This means that not every home can afford to have a dedicated home office space. That’s where a kitchen desk comes in hand. It’s a small dedicated space that doesn’t take up too much room where you can work or pay bills.


Extra Storage

Storage is one thing that you can never have enough of in a home. While most people plan on storage for things like dishes, towels, and clothing, they don’t always think about miscellaneous items. A kitchen desk is a great place to store items like mail, paperwork, or a desktop.


Charging Station

The truth is that most finances and bills are done online these days. This means that the days of sitting down and writing things out are pretty much gone. But that doesn’t mean a kitchen desk is completely useless. Many people are converting there’s to be a dedicated space for charging the home’s devices. It’s a convenient place to gather the kid’s tablets and phones at the end of the night.


Cons of a Kitchen Desk


Wasted Space

Space in the kitchen is often precious. There is meticulous planning that goes into kitchen design, and often people are forced to sacrifice in order to have enough storage. Since most people don’t need a desk space in the kitchen, having on there is just eating up space that could otherwise be used for something more useful.


Junk Collector

The idea of organized desk space is great, but the reality is that kitchen desks often become junk collectors. It’s where random items get gathered. The kitchen is the last place most people want unnecessary clutter either.



The reality is that kitchen desks are just unnecessary to how most people live these days. Most people use portable devices, such as laptops, phones or tablets, to do their banking or socializing online. Many custom homes have dedicated workspaces in other areas of the home as well. Kitchen desks cost money to put in, so unless a family needs one most people would rather save the money and space for something else.