One aspect of custom home building that people often don’t think about until they’re asked by our home builders, is what type of interior doors they want for the various rooms around a home. Interior doors are a necessary feature in any home, by in addition to providing privacy and separation they also add to a home’s overall style. Most people don’t think about their home’s doors often, but the wrong door type can make a room nonfunctional and the wrong style can stand out in an unflattering way. So we’ve broken down the most popular styles of interiors doors to consider for your custom home!


Hinged Single Door

A hinged single door is the by far the most common interior door type. This is what the majority of bathrooms and bedrooms in a home have. A room design must allow for space for the hinged door to swing, but most doors in this style can be installed to swing out or in, depending on which works best for the space. These doors are typically lightweight and come in a few different styles.


Panel Door

A paneled interior door is a classic style of the hinged single door type. It’s what most homes have as it has a small amount of versatile style, but nothing too overpowering. They usually have three or four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles. This creates “panels” which can be decorated with molding. There are different styles of panel doors, but this style can work well in almost any home type.


Flush Doors

A flush door, also known as a slab door, is another style of hinged single doors. This is one of the least expensive styles of doors. The surface is usually a wood veneer, with a hollow core. This makes them light, but also easy to damage. The surface is smooth, or flush. Flush doors can often look cheap, but they work well in modern or MCM style homes.


French Doors

French doors are actually double doors that add a charming and luxurious touch. These doors feature panels that are usually filled with glass, however, some people fill them with wood for privacy. They’re commonly used as exterior doors as well but work great inside homes as well. They don’t provide much visual privacy, but they’re a great option for playrooms or home offices as they allow light and sightlines in, but block noise.


Pocked Doors

Unlike French or single hinged doors, pocked doors do not swing on a hinge. Instead, they slide on a rail system that is in-between the walls. That’s where they get the “pocket” in their name from. This style is a great choice for smaller homes where the rooms might not have enough clearance for a door swing. Pocket doors are becoming more popular these days, but they can be a bit expensive and if they break fixing them is a bit more complicated.


Barn Doors

Barn doors are incredibly popular these days. This style of door runs on a rail system that installed over the door opening. The door them slides open and close. In order for barn doors to work, there needs to be wall space on the side for the door when it’s open. This style is trendy these days, but while barn doors block sightlines they don’t do a great job at blocking noise, smells, light, or moisture so they’re not great options for areas that need privacy such as bedrooms or bathrooms.


Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are one of the most popular styles of closest in homes. That is because they can cover a wide door opening, unlike other door styles. Essentially smaller door panels are hinged together so that they are flush when closed but fold together when opened. This style takes up about half the swinging space of hinged doors. They come in various styles, and although they’re commonplace in builder-grade homes, there are more luxurious styles that can work in a custom home.



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