Making the decision to build a custom home is exciting. But once you make that choice you’re probably wondering what you should do next. Contacting a custom home builder might seem like the logical next step, but be sure to take the time to get these few items ready before you start reaching out!



Before you reach out to custom home builders you should have your finances in order. Go through and come up with your budget to see how much you’re willing to spend. A good custom home builder will work within that. Make sure it’s realistic for the size of home you’re looking for though, and that you have some contingency money in place. Also, if you will be taking loans or doing any financing, make sure you do that ahead of time.


Idea Book

Spend some time looking at other homes online to get a sense of what you like. Start a Pinterest board, scroll through Instagram, and look at online listings. This will help you refine what sort of style and elements you’re looking for. Custom home builders tend to favor certain styles of home, so if you’re looking for a modern home you probably don’t want to hire a builder that specializes in traditional ones.


Location Preference

Custom home builders like to be apart of the process before you buy a lot. That way they can ensure it’s safe for building, and that it’s suitable for everything you discuss with that. Before that though, make sure you have a general idea of where you want to live. That way you can ensure you’re hiring a local builder that knows the area.



Everyone has a different timeline for their custom home. Custom homes do take a certain amount of time to build, but make sure you evaluate your own timeline. Is there a certain deadline you want to be in the home by? Are you looking to have the home designed a few years before you actually build? These are all questions your home builder will ask you so it’s good to have the answers.


“Must Have” List

Before you start designing a home, it’s a good idea to know what you want out of the space! Create a list of what you need and want out of a home, then prioritize that list. This is what you should take with you when you meet custom home builders! They’ll take what you need out a home, and design the perfect one for you!


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