A half-bath, or powder room, is commonplace in many homes these days. It’s typically comprised of just a sink and toilet, and is usually located near the public living spaces of a home so that guests can conveniently use it. Not only do powder rooms add value to any home, they also provide a valuable function. However, a misplaced powder room can be a huge negative. So here are the best and worst places for one according to our custom home builder!


Best Places for Powder Room



One of the most common locations for a powder room is off of the entryway. There are tons of benefits to placing one here. Having a bathroom by the entrance makes it easy for your family and guests to wash up after entering the home. It also places it near the other public living spaces without having it too close so that there is a lack of privacy. Entryways often have unused space such as under the staircase, which a powder room can easily fit into.


Living Room

Your family might use the powder room, but the primary purpose is for guests. Having it conveniently located and easy to find is key. You don’t want your guests having to wander throughout the house just to go to the bathroom. The living room is where a lot of entertaining happens, which makes it a good place for a powder room. Try to still give guests a bit of privacy by placing it away from the main activities like the TV or down a little hallway.



While powder rooms are often used by guests, they’re also a great place for family members to wash up too. That’s why lately we’ve been placing powder rooms in the mudrooms of custom homes. A powder room located in or near the mudroom is great for families that are often outdoors. It makes it easier to wash up, and if your laundry room is also located there it provides you with a sink for washing out any stains.


Worst Places for Powder Rooms



The kitchen is probably one of the worst places to locate a powder room. Having the bathroom located in the heart of the home means there is no privacy for guests. No one wants to use the bathroom knowing everyone can hear them, especially not when it’s right by where all the food is. While there is a door, it can also feel a little unsanitary to people.


Dining Room

Imagine excusing yourself from the dinner table needing to use the bathroom, and having to go right next to everyone else eating. Powder rooms do best when they’re located just off of the public spaces. Having one next to the dining room is uncomfortable for everyone involved.


On Another Level

Sometimes you’ll find homes with a powder room located in the basement or upstairs, but no bathroom on the main living floor. This is a huge inconvenience for guests, and some may feel awkward having to explore your home to find it. Sometimes it’s better to have a poorly placed powder room on the main floor than moving it to another level.