There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to building and designing a custom home. These aren’t really as strict as people often think, but more like helpful guidelines. One popular design trend these days is to use multiple metal finishes in one space. Mixing metals isn’t always easy though. That’s why our custom home builders have outlined some handy tricks so that you can mix metals like a pro!


Decide on a Dominate Metal

To help keep things balanced, select one metal to be the dominant one. This should be the one used on larger items and more frequently. Then you can select an accent metal. When selecting your dominant and accent metal, keep metal tones in mind. If your dominant metal is warmer, like brass, copper, and gold, use a cooler accent metal, like stainless steel, chrome, or nickel.


Stick to 2-3 Metals at Most

The more colors you add, the harder it is to juggle. A good tip is to limit the number of metals you mix in the space to 2-3. Select one dominant metal, with one or two accent metals at most. If you go for 3 metals, try to distribute them more evenly.


Use Metals that Compliment the Overall Design

The great thing about mixing metals is that they can help pull together the overall design. For example, maybe your kitchen is primarily white, greys, and navy with stainless steel appliances. Using a warmer toned metal will help add some much-needed warmth to the overall design while using stainless steel as an accent metal ties in the appliances.


Keep Finishes in Mind

In addition to the metal colors and types, also keep in mind the finish. The most popular metal finishes are antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished, and satin. Each has a different feel. It is possible to mix metals and finishes, but that gets harder. To keep things even more simple stick to one finish for all metals.


Spread the Metals Out

A common mistake people make when mixing metals is using them all in one small space. When mixing metals correctly, they should be spread out both horizontally and vertically. So if you have a copper sink, consider adding a copper light fixture over the island. You should be able to look anywhere in the room and see the metals mixed, so don’t lump the same metals together!


Final Thoughts

Mixing metals is extremely popular these days, and it’s a great way to add style to your custom home. The best tip to keep in mind when mixing metals is to repeat each metal at least once in the space so that the mix looks intentional. Remember, metal mixing doesn’t only have to be large items. Smaller décor pieces could as well! Contact us to learn more about designing a custom home today!