The Best Order for Designing a Master Bedroom- Sina Architectural Design


Often when our custom home builders sit down with clients to plan, one of the first things they request is a master bedroom that is a retreat. After a long day, most people look forward to relaxing in a soothing environment. For families with kids, the master bedroom is often the only place that is truly their own. Creating a master bedroom retreat isn’t always easy though. There are many aspects to the design process, and doing them in the right order is key.


Step 1: Select Furniture

Our custom home builders often recommend selecting furniture or at least having a good idea about what you want, during the initial design phase. That is so they can design a master bedroom where all of the furniture fits and has a proper place. If you didn’t select your bedroom furniture before the home was built, this is still where you should start before working on the interior design of the space. For example, if you opt for dark wood furniture, you probably want to go lighter on the floors for contrast. Master bedroom furniture will be one of the most prominent things in the space and impacts almost every other decision, so it’s best to select it first.


Step 2: Choose Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important elements in any room. While many people these days are opting for continuous flooring throughout their custom home, private spaces have their own rules. Most people opt for hardwood for their public living spaces, but carpet is still very acceptable for custom home master bedrooms. Especially since Canadian winters are so cold! There are many things to consider when picking bedroom flooring. Do you want to do the same as the rest of the home? Do you want hardwood or carpet? How will the flooring work with the furniture? Flooring has a big impact on a bedroom, and can’t easily be swapped out later so choose wisely!


Step 3: Decide on Bedding

A common mistake people make when decorating their master bedroom is picking bedding last. Bedding can really impact the style and vibe of a bedroom, which is why it’s important to select it pretty early on. Bedding should be the first décor item you really decide on. It will impact every other design choice such as window treatments, artwork, paint colors, etc. Once you have your bedding chosen, it becomes a lot easier to find complementary colors to work with for everything else. So if you’re stuck on where to start when it comes to designing your custom home master bedroom, start with bedding!


Step 4: Pick Additional Textiles

Once you have the big items picked out, it’s time to move on to smaller elements. Having your bedding picked out will make it much easier to select complimentary window treatments, pillows, accent chairs, etc. For example, if you have a floral duvet will blues and tans, that narrows down your window treatment choices making it easier to pick one. Adding extra textiles will add warmth and depth to your master bedroom, which goes a long way in helping make it feel like a retreat!


Step 5: Determine Paint Color

When it comes to designing any space in your custom home, remember this rule: pick paint last. There are so many paint colors out there it is dizzying. All of these options mean that it’s much easier to find one to match what you already have. Many people get themselves stuck because they pick paint first and then can’t find bedding or window treatments to go with it. Paint really influences the overall design of a bedroom, but luckily there are tons of options and it’s easy and cheap to change it later if you’re not happy.


Step 6: Add Art and Décor

The final touch to any room is the artwork and small décor pieces. These little elements are what pull together a design and really cement its style. If you’re looking for a modern farmhouse vibe, add a few rustic lamps. If you want a more modern style, opt for contemporary artwork.


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