5 Reasons to Use White Trim in Your Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design

There are lots of exciting elements to decide on when planning a custom home. Trim might not be the most riveting feature, but it plays a crucial role. Floor and door trim really help define the overall home style and have a much larger impact than people realize.


Trim can be any color, but the two most popular options are wood and white trim. Both are great, but here are a few reasons why you may want to opt for white trim in your custom home!


It Makes Things Appear Larger

A huge drawback of using colored or wood trim is that it creates distinct liens in the home. This will visually chop up any room that you look at. Since most ceilings, doors, and windows are white, using white trim allows it to disappear, making the whole space appear larger.


It Makes Rooms Look Brighter

Light is one of the most valuable things in a custom home. Whether it’s natural or artificial, the amount of light really makes an impact. One of the great things about white trim is that it reflects light, making the whole space look brighter overall.


It’s Easy to Design Around

Wood and painted trim can look nice, but the more colors you add to a space the harder it is to design. The great thing about white trim is that it’s a neutral. You can use bold colors or soft ones. You can go for a warm or a cool-toned palette. White trim is the easiest to design around, which is why it’s a go-to for custom homes.


It’s Appealing to Buyers

Most people don’t build a custom home with the intent to sell it. However, it’s always a good idea to keep resale in mind. Overall, buyers tend to prefer white trim to wood or other colors. So while potential future buyers shouldn’t be a huge deciding factor, it is something to keep in mind.


It Goes With Every Style

Wood trim can be charming, but it only goes with certain styles of homes. White trim, on the other hand, comes in tons of different sizes and styles so that it can easily blend in with whatever style of home you have. From traditional to modern, white trim works with it all!


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