When building a custom home, people tend to focus on the interior. While you might not spend much time looking at the exterior of your home, curb appeal can really impact home value. Window style plays a big role in determining a home’s style. One feature we often get asked about to boost curb appeal and exterior style is window grids.


If you’re wondering whether window grids are the right addition to your new custom home, here is everything you need to know about them.


What are window grids?

Window grids, also known as muntins or grilles, are strips of material that simulate smaller panes of glass. Historically, grids were necessary for windows as it was difficult and expensive to get large panels of glass. The grids secured smaller pieces of glass together to form the window. Today, window grids are cosmetic only. They’re applied to give the appearance of traditional paneled windows.


What styles of grids are there?

There are a few different styles of window grids out there. When people usually think of grids they picture Colonial-style grids. These are divided into equal sections, usually in sets of 4,6, or 9. This is a very traditional look and can be either on the top portion only or on both the bottom and top.


There are also Prairie-style grids, which are divided into unequal panels. There is usually a feature large square in the middle with smaller ones in the corners. Custom grid layouts are also an option, such as diagonal or diamond patterns.


What are the different grid types?

In addition to there being different styles, window grids come in different types. There are three types of grids: Grids Between Glass (GBG), Exterior Grids, and Simulated Divided Lites (SDL).


Grids Between Glass, as the name implies, are when grids are installed between the glass panels. These are attractive and easy to clean, leaving both sides of the window smooth. Exterior Grids are applied to the exterior side of the window, with the interior side left smooth. SDL’s are more dramatic and are designed to replicate older windows. They look as if several panes of glass are set into the grids.


What styles of home do grids work with?

Window grids can add a touch of style to custom homes, but they don’t compliment every home style. Grids work best on Colonial, farmhouse, Victorian, Cottage, and Prairie style homes. Modern homes can benefit from custom grid styles, but they need to be carefully planned.


Make sure you discuss adding window grids with your architect early in the home design process. Window grids on the wrong style of home can look busy and out of place, making them not worth the money.


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