When designing a custom home there are a lot of different rooms to think about. One area of the home that often gets forgotten about though is the garage. Garages might not be the more beautiful part of a home, but they’re crucial to a home’s practicality. You may be surprised to learn that there is more than one type of garage available to add to your custom home. Here is a guide to the most popular garage types out there!



Detached garages were actually the original model for garages since many started off as converted carriage houses, which were typically separate from the main home. Many homes in Toronto still feature detached garages, primarily due to space. This type of garage is not connected to the home in any way. They’re not unusual in the city but a big downside is that it means having to brave the elements to make it to and from your car, which can be rough especially during the winter months.



This is the most popular type of garage these days. An attached garage is built into the home, often on the side or below the rest of the house. Many custom homes in Toronto these days try to incorporate attached garages (usually below due to space) so that homeowners don’t have to go outside when entering and exiting their vehicle. This style is the most preferred these days, and homes with attached garages usually see that reflected in resale price.



A breezeway or portico style garage is semi-attached to the rest of the home through a passage. This is a great style if you have a detached garage located near the home and want to provide some sort of protection from the elements. Some breezeway styles only have a roof, while others feature a whole insulated hallway that connects the garage and home.



A carport is simply an open garage that features just a roof and no walls. It’s a good option for homes that do not have space for a real garage. They will provide your car with some protection from the elements, meaning you won’t get rained on the moment you step out. They’re not very popular though, and many people do not like how they look.


Garage Sizes

In addition to different attachment styles, garages come in various styles. Custom homes in Toronto are often limited by lot size but here are some of the most popular garage sizes.

  • Single: A single garage can fit a single car with enough room to maneuver around it. There may also be enough room for some other storage.
  • Double: A double, or a two-car garage, can fit two vehicles in it as the name implies. This is the most popular garage size.
  • Two and a Half: A two and a half garage has enough space for two full sizes vehicles in addition to space for either extra storage, or to park a golf cart, motorcycle, or ATV.
  • Three: A three-car garage can fit up to three vehicles as the name suggests. Most homes in Toronto do not have room for this size, but they are popular for larger lot sizes.
  • Multi: A multi-car garage can fit as many cars as designed. Some feature double parking spots to account for additional cars.


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