Fireplaces are a staple in Toronto custom homes. They are both practical and aesthetic.  They’re a wonderful heat source during chilly Canadian winters, but also look elegant and stylish when not in use. Fireplaces often become focal points in a home, especially in public areas like the living room, which is why it’s so important to take the time to design a well thought out fireplace wall. Here are a few tips for creating a stunning and practical fireplace wall.


Stick to a Style

Fireplaces often become focal points in a home, so it’s important to pick a fireplace style that matches the rest of the house. A craftsman fireplace is going to stick out in a modern styled home, and an ultra-contemporary fireplace is not going to mesh well in a traditional house. Make sure your fireplace wall flows well with the rest of the home.


Plan for Above

It’s not only the fireplace itself you have to think about. When designing a fireplace wall you have to take into consideration the space above it as well. Whether you have a mantel or opt for a modern, sleek fireplace, there is most likely going to be space above. You can leave it empty, but many people opt for artwork here. Think about style and proportions when designing the wall above.


Look at the Sides

A grand fireplace doesn’t need anything else to highlight it, but in a family home in a city like Toronto space is valuable. Many people try to make the most of the space they have my maximizing storage. Adding built-ins, shelves, or adding cabinets on the side of the fireplace is a great way to emphasize the wall in a practical way.


Consider Placement

Location is key for a great fireplace wall. Most people opt for a fireplace in the living room, but where in the room should it go? There are tons of options such as corner fireplaces, symmetrical, asymmetrical, floating, and more. Each has its pros and cons. Just be sure to consider them all before deciding.


Think About the TV

Most modern living rooms feature a TV. A common mistake people make when designing a living room and fireplace wall is not thinking about the TV. Many people just shove the TV above the fireplace, but this is often one of the worst locations for it. It can be too high, make the ceilings feel low, and the heat can even impact the screen. So make sure to actually take into account furniture and technology when designing a space.


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