Everyone in Canada knows just how brutal winters can be. That’s why when we build Toronto custom homes fireplaces are almost a necessity. Not only do they add aesthetics and buyer appeal, but they are also practical for this colder climate. But in order for a fireplace to be worth the cost and space they need to be placed in the correct spot in the home. So here are the best and worst places to put a fireplace according to our custom home builders!


Best Places for Fireplaces


Living Room

The most common spot to find a fireplace in any home is the living room. This is where people gather on a daily basis whether to read a good book or watch a movie as a family. Living rooms are also typically centrally located in the home, which makes it the logical spot to place a heating source. A well-designed fireplace wall in your custom home’s living room can make the house feel put together.


Master Bedroom

Nothing screams “luxury custom home” like having a fireplace in the master bedroom. Many clients come to us wanting their master bedroom to be a retreat from the world. Adding a fireplace certainly creates that vibe. Doesn’t it sound great to snuggle in bed on a cold day with the fireplace roaring? These days it is more and more common to find fireplaces in the master bedroom in Toronto custom homes. They not only make the room feel luxurious and well designed, but they also add home value!



Homes in Toronto are expensive, and lots are typically small, which is why most people add a basement to capitalize on space. Basements in Toronto custom homes are often just as nice as the main levels, but being below ground can make them feel cold. That’s why adding a fireplace to your basement makes so much sense. It will keep the basement warm and make it much more appealing to spend time down there, allowing you to enjoy all parts of your new home.


Worst Places for Fireplaces



It was a trend for a while in custom home building to add a fireplace to master bathrooms. On the surface, this sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to take a relaxing bath next to a warm fire? The reality is not quite as great. Not only do they take up precious space in such a small room in the home, but most clients also end up not using it nearly enough to justify the cost. Some people opted for double-sided fireplaces so that the master bedroom and bathroom could enjoy it, but this creates privacy issues so be sure to research that.



Historically, all kitchens had fireplaces. It was how the food was cooked! But these days, with ovens and stoves, a fireplace is not only unnecessary it just gets in the way in the kitchen. Custom home kitchens should be practical above all else, and these days a fireplace just isn’t practical in this room of the home.



A fireplace in the master bedroom is luxurious and pleasing, but a fireplace in kids or guest bedroom is just a safety hazard and a nuisance. It can be tempting to add a fireplace to every room, especially if you have space and money. But try to remember that they can be dangerous, especially for small children. They also take up a decent amount of room and guests probably won’t want to fiddle with a fireplace when staying over. Save the money and keep the fireplaces to rooms where they’ll actually be appreciated.


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