As a custom home builder, one of the most interesting parts of the job is watching how homes and rooms change with the times. One aspect of the home that went out of fashion, but is now returning in some areas of North America, is a keeping room. If the term isn’t familiar to you, or if you are interested in adding one to your custom home, here is everything you need to know!


What is a Keeping Room?

A keeping room is simply a secondary living room that is connected to the kitchen area. They were popular during Colonial times because the heat from the kitchen kept the keeping room warm, making it one of the few heated areas in the house.


These days, keeping rooms have evolved a bit. The centerpiece of a keeping room is often a fireplace, helping it retain the function it had years ago. It’s a spot for people to gather and relax while enjoying the warmth.


What are the Benefits of a Keeping Room?

Today, many homes don’t have keeping rooms. Instead, kitchens may have breakfast nooks or sunrooms attached. These provide a similar purpose as a keeping room, but usually, lack the defining fireplace of a keeping room. There are a few differences between these rooms though. A breakfast nook is a place for casual eating, but with the rise of open-concept homes these days, many homes don’t have a need for so many eating spaces.


A keeping room is less about warmth these days thanks to central heating. However, they still provide a cozy spot to wait while things are cooking. It’s also a great area to have guests hang out when entertaining.


Why are Keeping Rooms Popular Again?

Keeping rooms have become popular again because they add convenience and comfort. Who wouldn’t want a cozy spot to sit by the fire while waiting for cookies to bake during Toronto’s cold winters? With open-concept plans on the rise, rooms tend to serve multiple purposes these days. Some people are turning away from that, instead opting to return to each room serving a singular purpose, which may be one reason why keeping rooms are coming back.


Want to Add a Keeping Room?

Keeping rooms can provide cozy convenience to any custom home. They’re a great space to take a quick minute to relax or to entertain guests. The centerpiece fireplace is also great for colder climates like Toronto. If you want to learn more about them or want to discuss adding one to your custom home, contact us today!