One of the luxuries of building a custom home is that you can design it however you want, adding features that you think would add efficiency and enjoyment to your life. One of the big-ticket items people often discuss adding is a pool.


Swimming pools are rather controversial in Toronto. They’re a great alternative to having a cottage, and it’s so much fun spending the hot summer months splashing around in the backyard.  So why are some people so against them? Here’s what you should consider before adding a pool to your Toronto custom home.


Pros of Adding a Pool

There are tons of positives to having a pool in your backyard. In the right neighborhood, it can really increase value, and many people will pay big bucks for a home with a built-in pool. If your family doesn’t have a cottage to get away to during the summer, a pool is a great alternative as well. You can host social gatherings, cool off in the heat, and have a blast overall.


Cons of Adding a Pool

As great as a pool is, the reality is that Toronto is cold a good chunk of the year so your pool will only be useable for a few months. For many people that short window doesn’t justify the year-round costs. Adding a pool can increase insurance costs, could be a deterrent to some buyers, and required regular maintenance which will add to your monthly fees.


What to Consider About Pools

So what should homeowners consider when trying to decide whether or not to add a pool to their custom home? Here are some key points to think about.


Resale Value and Appeal: Take a look at the neighborhood. How many other homes have pools? You can even ask a real estate agent how a pool will increase or decrease your home’s value for the area.

Budget: Not only do pools cost money to install, but there are on-going costs to maintain it. You’ll have to clean it, pay for any repairs, have it covered by insurance, and pay to have it covered during the long winter months. Make sure your budget covers all of that.

Lot Size: The lot size plays a big role in designing a home. There are lots of building codes around pools, and they do take up space, so if you’re interested in adding on that has to be decided on pretty early in the process. Make sure your lot is big enough for both the custom home and pool you want.

Lifestyle: Pools sound great in theory, but like many cool custom home features many people overestimate how often they’ll use them. Realistically, does your lifestyle fit with a pool? Do you like to spend time outside? Is your family full of good swimmers? Will it pose a safety risk to small children? Would you rather use the outdoor space for pets or kids?


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