The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of daily life. How people work, go to school, and even shop for groceries has changed. The home building world has also started to see some changes. Some of the biggest shifts has been in custom home design. Homeowners are now making adjustments to their dream homes as a result of the pandemic, and here are a few ways designs are shifting.


Dedicated Workspace

One of the biggest changes as a result of COVID-19 has been a shift to remote working. Companies have realized that workers are just as effective in a home environment like an office one. Even as workers return to workspaces, many companies are still allowing remote working or embracing a hybrid model. This will be increasingly reflected in custom home design with more clients putting in dedicated workspaces. Home offices or studios will become more popular and having a dedicated workspace will add a lot of value to a home.


School Space

It’s not just adults that have changed how they work. Sending kids back to physical schools has become controversial and risky. Many parents and schools have opted to stick to virtual learning at home. Many parents are now looking for ways to include a school space for their kids. Custom homes will soon start featuring flex spaces for kids that can act as a school space when needed.


Home Gyms

For the gym rats, the pandemic was especially hard. Gyms were shut down for months, and while outside exercise was still possible during the warmer months, as Toronto starts to cool down that won’t be as easy. For homeowners that are dedicated to fitness, they’ll start to consider adding a home gym to their custom home. Many people find that while the initial costs are higher, having a home gym actually is cheaper in the long run as there are no more expensive gym memberships.


More Storage

People building a custom home in Toronto know that they have to be smart with their space. Storage is incredibly valuable in the city, and that’s only going to increase. Homeowners today are now realizing their grandparent’s basement full of canned goods wasn’t such a bad idea. Custom homes will start including more storage for supplies such as toilet paper, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and more. They’ll also need more storage space for virtual schooling and remote working, plus entertainment!


Outdoor Space

With public spaces becoming riskier, people are choosing to stay home even as restrictions loosen. Outdoor space in Toronto is valuable, and more homeowners are realizing that it’s beneficial to both their home value and mental health. Having a safe, dedicated outdoor space at home to enjoy will be on the risk. Custom home builders should remember to take Toronto’s weather into account and try to include outdoor features that can be used all year round like a fire pit.


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