Summer is quickly fading in Toronto, and Fall is settling in. As you get ready to bust out your sweaters and boots you should also make sure your home is ready for the cooler weather. Here are a few practical tips for homeowners on how to prep their homes for the changing season.


Clean Gutters, Eavestroughs, and Downspouts

Water is the worst enemy to any home, so make sure it’s able to move away from your home this fall. That means making sure your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts are clear of falling leaves. Not only will blockages trap water near your home, but it’s also an invitation for little critters to nest, which can cause a whole other host of issues. Bottom line, make sure these are clean before the cold sets in!


Check Windows and Doors

It can get cold quick in Toronto, which means you’ll want your home as warm and cozy as possible. Now is the time to check your doors and windows for any cracks and leaks. You can look for drafts yourself or hire a professional. Not only will this keep your home cozy as the temperature drops, but it will also keep your heating bill lower.


Inspect Your Roof and Chimney

Cooler weather means its finally time to start your fireplace up again if you have one. Before you do though, be sure to pay for a professional cleaning and inspection. An inspection will let you know if your fireplace is in working order. Fall is also a great time to get your roof inspected, especially if it’s an older one. You’ll want to tackle any roof or chimney issues before the snow starts to fall.


Look at the Boiler and Furnace

Colder weather means you can start to give your air conditioner a rest, but your boiler or furnace will soon start to have to pull its weight. Before you begin running it daily get it professionally looked at. It’s better to get any repairs in at the beginning go the season as they can get quite busy once it’s winter.


Shut Off Outside Water

As summer fades the need for outdoor water access does too. Before it becomes freezing you should shut-off and drain any water lines. If you don’t it could cause them to freeze and burst, causing extensive damage. Fall is also the time to close up any outdoor pools, and its best to do that before falling leaves start to make it more of a chore.


Don’t have a custom home yet, but looking to start building one? Contact us today! Fall is the perfect time to start designing your dream custom home.