Feng shui is a Chinese practice that harmonizes energy into the surrounding environments. It’s become incredibly popular all over the world, especially in Toronto. As a Toronto custom home builder, we’ve even designed entire homes with feng shui in mind.


In feng shui, the front door is considered the mouth of chi, and it’s the portal through which the entire home’s energy goes through. That’s why many people pay special attention to their entryway and front door. Color plays a big role in feng shui, so here are a few tips on what colors to use.


Picking Perfect Colors

Direction plays a big role in feng shui, so before you start looking at paint colors for your front door, make sure you know which direction it faces. Each direction has a corresponding element, and there are certain colors that are associated with it. You can either choose a harmonious color, which is linked to the element itself, or a productive color, which is based on elements that product or support the governing element.


North Feng Shui Colors

North-facing front doors are associated with the element of water in feng shui. Based on this, the best colors to use are blacks and blues. However, if these do not work, you can use colors from the productive element for water, which is metal. Metal-element colors are whites, grays, and metallic colors.


East Feng Shui Colors

East-facing doors are associated with the wood element in feng shui. The best colors for east facing doors are greens, browns, or wood tones. If these colors don’t work, you can use colors from wood’s productive element, which is water. This means blacks, blues, and purples can also work on your eastern door.


South Feng Shui Colors

South is associated with the element of fire in feng shui. The fire element actually has many colors associated with it like, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and red, which is one of the most symbolic colors in Chinese culture!. The productive element for fire is wood, so greens and browns are also appropriate for south-facing front doors.


West Feng Shui Colors

In feng shui, the western direction is linked to the metal element. Good front door colors for this direction are whites, grays, and metallics. If these don’t work, the productive element for metal is earth, so light yellows, tans, and beiges also work.


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