Are you looking to Feng Shui your custom home entryway? Here are a few tips to get you started!


Feng shui is a Chinese practice that uses energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. If you want to follow feng shui practices in your custom home you should absolutely pay attention to the entryway. The entrance of your home is where the Chi energy first enters, making it an important space. Here are some great do’s and don’ts to properly feng shui your home’s entryway!


Do Focus on Lighting

Lighting is super important when you feng shui your entryway. Try to have lighting at various heights, such as a ceiling light, wall sconces, and a lamp. Natural light is also key. Try to allow sunlight into the space when possible as this will cleanse the room’s energy.


Don’t Put Mirror’s Anywhere

Mirrors are an important element in feng shui as they can bounce around energy. A common mistake people make is hanging a mirror that directly faces the front door. This is an issue because when chi enters the home it bounced off of the mirror and goes back outside. Instead, place a mirror on one of the walls perpendicular to the front door. This will allow light and energy to bounce around the space.


Do Take Care of the Front Door

A front door does more than keep your home safe from physical threats, it also helps with feng shui. Issues with a front door can make it more difficult for new opportunities to enter. Make sure to fix it if it’s sticking, isn’t easy to open or close, has a tricky handle, has chipping paint, or any cracks. Just make sure your front door is always solid and in good condition!


Don’t Have a Bathroom Above or Facing Front Door

This one can be a bit tricky if a home is already built, but if you’re designing a custom home with feng shui in mind keep a close eye on bathroom placement. Bathrooms shouldn’t face the front door nor be on top of it. This allows good energy to escape into it, which then gets turned into negative energy.


Do Keep it Clutter-Free

Clutter is frustration whether or not you believe in feng shui. The entryway sets the tone of the whole home, and it’s also the first impressions guests get. If you enter a cluttered home your mind and energy also become cluttered. Make your life simpler by keeping your entryway organized and picked up.


Don’t Use Pointy or Sharp Objects

Sharp or pointed objects create negative chi. Avoid these types of objects in the entryway, especially if they’re facing the door as this will turn positive Chi into negative energy. Think of your outdoors as well. If you have a garden outside avoid plants with pointed leaves or thorns as these can create negative energy as well.


Other Feng Shui Entryway Tips

-Use fresh, colorful and green plants inside and out

-Avoid having the front door directly face the kitchen or backdoor

-Avoid having the stairwell in front of the door

-Use colors based on the direction your front door faces


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