Putting a laundry room in your custom home? Consider adding a laundry sink.


Having a dedicated laundry room makes doing the chore so much more bearable. It not only keeps all the laundry mess in one space, tucked away, but it can also improve organization and efficiency. One feature many homeowners inquire about is adding a sink to the laundry room. There are lots of benefits of adding a sink to your custom home laundry room, here are a few of the biggest ones according to our custom home builders.


Hand Washing

There are certain clothing items that aren’t suitable for a washing machine. Whether it’s a delicate blouse or a favorite sweater, sometimes clothing requires hand washing. There’s nothing worse than trying to do that in a kitchen or bathroom sink. Laundry sinks are usually bigger and deeper, making it easy to hand wash clothing as needed. If you have a ton of hand wash only items, you should absolutely consider adding a sink to your custom home laundry room.


Soak & Scrub

Even the best of us sometimes end up with stains on our clothing. Having a laundry sink means you can soak and scrub away stubborn stains before tossing them in the wash. Not only will this all take place right next to the washer, so you don’t have to run around the house with dripping wet clothing, but it also means you’re not occupying a bathroom or kitchen sink as they soak.


Messy Cleanup

Often laundry rooms are positioned near a mudroom or an exit, which makes having a sink in the area all the more important. It allows people to wash off their hands or muddy shoes before entering the house. Laundry sinks are also a great place to clean up bigger messes like painting, gardening, and more.


Pet Care

Have a pet that will also be moving into your custom home? A large laundry sink is a great place to wash them! This will work for small to medium-sized pets, but it means you don’t have to spend extra time scrubbing down your shower afterward. Laundry room sinks don’t have to be as clean which makes them perfect for pet care.


Lint & Hair

Did you know you’re supposed to routinely clean out your washer? Having a laundry room sink allows you to easily filter out hair, fabric, and lint that may be clogging your washer drain. Even if you get your appliances professionally cleaned, they’ll be thankful for the extra sink nearby as well.


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