The best part about building a custom home is designing things to fit your lifestyle. That extends to the eating areas as well! While almost every home a few years ago came with a separate, more formal dining area, most people are moving away from that today. Instead, they’re embracing more casual, open, and functional eating spaces. Whatever you want, whether it’s a formal dining area or a sunny breakfast nook, here are your eating area options.


Dining Area

Though not always needed, most homes, including custom-built ones, still come with a dedicated dining area. These can be as formal or informal as you like, or as open or closed as you want! For resale purposes, our custom home builders usually recommend designing a space where a proper table can go, but you can always use the space for something else while living there. A dedicated dining space can be a separate room or part of the kitchen or living room. In open-concept homes, these three living spaces often blend together, making entertaining a breeze.


Breakfast Nook

Located just off of the kitchen, a breakfast nook is the perfect cozy spot for informal meals. It allows you to sit down and enjoy a quick meal away from the messy kitchen. Breakfast nooks are usually big enough for a small table, but if you love the idea of this cozy room, you can make it as big as you want.


Eat-In Kitchen

Eat-in kitchens are super popular, and most homes are built with them. It allows you to have a table and chair conveniently a few steps away from the kitchen. Most people use this eating space for more casual dining, but it also provides a great space to socialize, talk, or do homework.


Island/Peninsula Seating

Building an island or peninsula in your custom home kitchen? Chances are you’ll be adding some seating as well. While not everyone enjoys eating a full meal at an island, this is a great spot to have people hang out so they can socialize with the cook or have a nice glass of wine. It’s best for more causal, quick meals. While many people eat every meal here, for resale, it’s best to have space for a proper table somewhere in your home.


Table-Height Counter

If you don’t want to sacrifice your island countertop space but also still want people to hang out in the kitchen, consider extending your island for a table-height countertop. This means that there will be a slight drop in your countertop so that you have both an island and a table in one!


Banquette Seating

There’s something so quaint and nostalgic about banquette seating. A banquette is built along a wall and features booths, but can also have chairs on a few of the sides. It’s a great option for casual dining, but just be sure you’re okay with sliding in and out. This is a perfect seating option for a tight space or if you really want a cozy feeling.


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