New Year, new home! Whether you’re building a new home this year, or just refreshing your old one, there are tons of ways you can make your house feel fresh and new this year. Here are a few home trends you may start seeing in 2021.


Multi-Functional Spaces

We’ve been encouraging our clients to include flex space into their custom homes for years, but having multi-functional spaces will become even more popular this year. With people stuck at home more, whether they’re working, doing school, trying a hobby, or trying to stay active, it’s important to have spaces in your home that can do more than one thing.


Lots of Light

Light is always key in custom homes, but now that people are at home more this is even more important. From natural light to artificial light, make sure you’re keeping your home bright this year. Having plenty of light not only makes your home feel bigger and more luxurious, but it also makes doing everyday things easier. Light can also improve your mood, especially during the winter months!


Outside In

The longer people are stuck inside, the more people are bringing the outside in. Earthy tones will be huge this year. So if you’re looking to change up your home’s color palette consider looking at soft, earthy tones like yellows and greens. Consider adding some easy to care for home plants as well.


Zen Design

Spa-like bathrooms have been big in custom homes for the past few years, but not other areas of the home are adopting Zen designs in 2021. After a chaotic last year, everyone seems to want to embrace calm and tranquility. Using calming colors, clean designs, and Zen features like rock gardens or fountains to keep yourself grounded this year.


Bold and Abstract

While some people are leaning towards calm, earthy, neutrals, others are going the opposite way by embracing bold colors and abstract designs. A fun pop of color or funky wallpaper could be just the thing to bring a fresh change to your home that will make you happy every time you look at it.


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