Soaring ceilings are a major plus to many homes, and having tall ceilings is one of the top requests we get when building custom homes. As beautiful as cathedral or vaulted ceilings can be though, they aren’t meant for every room. In fact, having the extra height in certain spaces can actually create more problems. Here are the best and worst places for cathedral ceilings according to our custom home builders.



Best Places for Cathedral Ceilings


Entry Way

A grand entryway is sure to wow any guests. Having a two-story entryway is a great way to make your home feel larger and grander right from the start. Vaulted ceilings in these spaces make them feel bigger and brighter as well.


Living Room

If you’re looking for a way to make your living room feel bright and big, consider cathedral ceilings. It may not be possible for every living room, but it’s worth looking into. You will have to consider things such as heating and cooling and lighting, but it’s well worth it! In fact, your resale value will likely increase if your living room has high ceilings.


Master Bedroom

Want a luxurious master suite? Add tall ceilings! Vaulted ceilings work great in master bedrooms. They’re a great way to make any boring master feel extraordinary. Tall ceilings in the bedroom will not only make it feel more glam but also larger and grander!


Worst Places for Cathedral Ceilings



Vaulted ceilings may be great in other areas of the home, but they don’t work so well in kitchens. In fact, they can actually create a ton of problems in kitchen areas. Having the extra ceiling height makes things such as adequate lighting and ventilation challenging and expensive. You also have to consider the extra cost of cabinetry. While cathedral ceilings can work in some kitchens, they generally cause more headaches than they’re worth so keep the tall ceilings in other areas of the house.



Bathroom ceiling height can be tricky. These rooms tend to be smaller, so an extremely high ceiling can actually make the space feel even smaller and well-like rather than bigger. In bathrooms with showers and baths, there can also be issues with ventilation and temperature.



Kids make a lot of noise, and tall ceilings can actually make the problem worse. We recommend keeping ceiling heights normal in lofts and playrooms, as a cathedral ceiling could just cause noise to echo and enhance.


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