Nothing ties a room together like a rug, but picking the perfect one isn’t always easy. From colors to sizing, there is more that goes into picking rugs for your custom home than unrolling it. While the right rug can bring together a whole design, the wrong one can make a space feel…not right. Here are a few tips on how to pick and style rugs in your custom home!


Size Matters

Size is the most important thing when picking out a rug. Many people make the mistake of going for one that is too small. A rug doesn’t need to fill all the floor space in a room, but it should accommodate all furniture and fit the scale of a room. You ideally want at least the front feet of furniture to fit on it, but don’t order it so big that it’s pushed up against the walls. Always measure before buying, and you can even tape the size on the floor to see what works best!


Anchor Furniture

Think of a rug as an anchor for the rest of the furnishings in the room. All the large furniture pieces should be tethered to them. The feet of furniture should be on the rug to help ties all the pieces together. The one exception to this is a runner, which usually goes in hallways or in kitchen pathways.


Think About Material

People often think about color and pattern when picking rugs for their custom homes, but don’t forget about the material as well! Where your rug will go impacts what type of material it should be made of. High traffic areas would benefit from durable materials like wool, flatweave, or something synthetic. Lighter traffic areas can handle less durable materials like cotton. Think about how it will feel underfoot as well since most people go barefoot in their home. You don’t want to walk on something uncomfortable, especially in a bedroom or living room.


Consider Color and Patterns

The color and pattern of rugs also impact how well it ties rooms in your custom home together. Patterns can be great at hiding stains or other wear and tear in high traffic areas, while solid color rugs can be the perfect pop to a space. When in doubt you can always go for a neutral or simple pattern.


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