Creating a space for your child to grow and play in is a fun experience! It can also be challenging though. Striking the balance between pretty and functional can be hard, especially since their needs and interests change so rapidly. Here are a few tips from our custom home builders on how to design a magnificent children’s bedroom!


Keep it Simple

When it comes to kids, less is more. While we’ve all seen those beautifully decorated kids’ rooms on Pinterest, in real life having less is usually better. Keep décor simple and furnishings to the basics. Kids really just want the room to play and create. Give them the space to do that!


Design at Their Level

When designing a kids’ room, don’t forget to design for their level. It’s simple, but we adults can often forget that kids are lower to the ground! Don’t place things like shelves and hooks at adult height unless you’re purposefully keeping things out of children’s reach. Make sure things such as hooks, bins, and bookshelves are low enough to be accessible to them. This makes playing and cleaning up easier.


Focus on Fun

A kid’s bedroom shouldn’t be a serious place. Most of the learning kids do come through play so focus on fun when designing their rooms! Not only should you leave them enough floor space to play, try to include fun elements such as a chalkboard wall, art gallery, Lego-table, and more.


Maximize Space and Storage

One thing every parent quickly realizes once they have a kid is just how much stuff they need. They might be tinnier, but they sure do have a lot of things. From toys to clothes, make sure your child’s room has enough space and storage for everything. This will help keep their room organized and clean.


Grow with Them

Kids rooms are so fun to design because it lets us play with color and themes in a way that isn’t always appropriate in adult spaces. However, a common mistake parents make is to go too overboard with this. Your 3-year old may love cars now, but in a few years, they could be deeply embarrassed by that racecar bed you spent so much money on. Or maybe your little girl loves pink now, but in a year she could have moved onto purple and is begging for all new things. Design a room knowing your kids’ needs and tastes will change, and make it easy for their room to grow with them.


Get Their Input

Remember, this space will be your kid’s sanctuary. It’s important to get their input so that they actually enjoy sleeping and spending time there. As parents, you’ll of course have to guide them and keep their wants in check, but kids have opinions and interests. It’s important for their bedrooms to reflect that.


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