Before you start building your dream custom home, it’s important to think about all the expenses that will pop up during the process. Many people plan for obvious costs like construction, materials, labor, and design fees, but there are many other hidden costs that you should factor in as well. Here are some unexpected expenses that you should build into your budget, so they don’t surprise you later.


Site Analysis and Prep

A lot of people get so excited about the home building process that they forget about the land the home is going on. Before the design phase even begins, your plot of land will have to be inspected, analyzed, and prepped for construction. This is when things such as soil testing, grading, tree removal, and more happen. Sometimes these costs will be built into the home-building contract, but other times they’ll be separate expenses. Once you have your lot your home builder should be able to give you estimates on what has to be done.


Permits and Processing

Construction is a heavily regulated industry, and for good reason! The government wants to ensure that its residents are protected and building safe infrastructure. Most places require you to get building permits before you start construction. A good custom home builder will take care of the paperwork process, but there are fees attached to these permits that you should budget for.


Moving Expenses

A lot of clients are so excited about the prospect of building their custom home that they forget about the after part- moving in! Moving costs depend on the area, how far away you currently live, how much stuff you have, and the time of year. It’s a good idea to look into moving costs ahead of time so you can set money aside.


Home Inspection

You might think that the expenses end once a home is completed, but that’s not entirely true! Once construction is done, you’ll have to get your home inspected by a professional, which does have some fees associated with it. Thankfully they’re only a couple of hundred dollars, but this cost can still be a blow, especially if you thought you were done!



When you build a custom home, you typically think of major costs like building materials, countertops, flooring, tile, and more. What many people forget to budget for though are all of the small finishes. Things such as doorknobs, light switches, light bulbs, outlets, and more are small costs but can add up, especially for an entire home. Make sure you’re planning for all expenses, big and small.



Once construction is done, a custom home builder will present you with a beautiful new home. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your yard will look great. The ground around your home goes through a lot during construction, from heavy machines to multiple people walking across it daily. You should expect to need some sort of landscaping by the time it’s all done. Don’t forget, curb appeal is an important aspect of any home so set aside money for this.



New home, new furniture! While many people save money by using old furniture in their new custom home, chances are you’ll have to invest in some new pieces. Maybe your old furniture doesn’t fit the size or style of your new home. Or maybe you just need more of it. Either way, try to think about what new furniture you need ahead of time and start saving for it.


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