Building your dream custom home is exciting, but proper communication with your custom home builder is key to a successful and stress-free build. Poor communication between you and your builder can result in lost time and money. Here are few tips to help you effectively stay in touch while your home is being built.


Choose One Method of Communication

Once you find and hire your custom home builder, take the time to establish what the primary method of communication will be. Many home builders have a preference and will let you know but be sure to ask if they don’t. By sticking to just email, text, or phone you will both be less likely to miss important info.


Pick a Point Person

There are tons of people involved in the custom home building process, from designers, builders, trades, and more. A good custom home builder will have one point person on their side (usually the builder or their assistant), but you should do the same. It can be confusing when both halves of a couple are giving input, especially when they conflict. If you have a significant other, make sure one of you takes over the majority of the communication to avoid confusion.


Stay Professional

Building a house is exciting, but it’s also incredibly stressful. There’s a lot of time and money that goes into it. There will inventible be times where delays, errors, or setbacks happen. Just make sure that you always keep your communication with your builder professional. Custom home builders understand that this is more than just a project to you, it’s your home. It’s okay to get frustrated or upset, but don’t jump on the phone and scream at your builder, especially since most things are out of their control.


Be Considerate to Work Hours

Home builders might not keep strict 9-5 hours. However, they do have a life outside of their work. Feel free to text or email if something occurs to you at midnight but don’t expect a reply right away. Your custom home builder should tell you their work hours so try to respect them. They’ll do the same thing and avoid bombarding you with info early in the morning or late at night. This obviously doesn’t apply to emergencies or time-sensitive matters!


Be Clear and Concise

The best way to have good communication with your custom home builder is to know what you’re trying to say ahead of time. Talk out your decisions with your partner and family before you approach them. Even if you’re asking their opinion on something, make sure you’ve already thought about it beforehand. Also, be concise in your conversations. Stick to what you really need to talk about and be clear about it.


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