There’s a general rule in home building and selling that a home needs a bathtub for resale value. It’s rare that you’ll walk into a home that doesn’t have one. When building a custom home though, you have the ability to build according to your personal needs and wants. So what should you do if you don’t have a need for one or don’t want to dedicate space to one? Our custom home builders have some advice that may help you.


Do Custom Homes Need a Bathtub?

Like all aspects of a house, bathroom design tends to reflect current trends. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, huge whirlpool tubs with jets were all the rage. They started to fall out of favor when people realized they didn’t really use them enough to justify the water usage and space. These days, most adults probably prefer a big, beautiful shower, so do homes still need a tub?


The short answer is yes.


While custom homes have the benefit of being built to a client’s wants and needs, eventually the home will have to be sold. This could be in your lifetime or maybe many years later once you’ve passed. But almost all homes are sold at some point, which is why it’s incredibly important to always keep resale value in mind when designing and building a custom home.


Why do Bathtubs Matter?

Even if you don’t enjoy a long soak, there are many people that do. A bathtub is a necessary commodity like a microwave. Even if you don’t personally get a use out of them, buyers are extremely turned off by homes that don’t have them. Selling becomes an uphill battle and may impact how long it takes and how much it sells for.


Who Uses Bathtubs?

While you may not enjoy a warm bath, a surprising number of people still like baths over showers. They’re great for relaxation, perfect if you have injuries, and parents especially value them for small children.


In fact, without a tub, you can cross families off the list of potential buyers. Families, especially those with small children almost require a bathtub. It’s rare that you’ll find a young family that doesn’t use it.


So to sum it up: Yes, custom homes absolutely need at least one bathtub, even if you personally never plan on using it.


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