Do you like to entertain or cook a lot? If so, then it might be beneficial to add a prep sink to your custom home kitchen. A prep sink, which is typically a slightly smaller sink, gives you additional prep space which can make hosting events, cooking large meals, or cooking with multiple people easier. Once you decided to put one in, you’ll have to think about where to place it. A prep sink is only valuable if it’s in the right place so here are the best and worst places to install a kitchen prep sink according to our custom home builders.


Best Places for a Prep Sink


Kitchen Island

By far the most common spot people put a prep sink is on the island, assuming the main sink is on permitter countertops. This allows someone to be at the main sink, while someone else can use the prep one. A prep sink on the island also bridges the gap between the stove and fridge.


Butler’s Pantry or Bar

If you’re building a custom home you may decide to put in a butler’s pantry or bar area. This is another great option for a prep sink location, especially if you want it more for entertaining reasons. A prep sink at the bar means you can fill it with ice to cool drinks, use water for cocktails, or wash up glasses afterward. A prep sink in the butler’s pantry can be a bridge between the dining and kitchen areas.


Worst Places for a Prep Sink


Living Room

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, there was a home trend of installing small wet bars in the living room area. On the surface, this seemed like a great idea! People have easy, quick access to drinks and a sink, making it great to host. However, most people found that they rarely used these bar areas, and they actually ate up valuable space. A prep sink in this space also proved to be less valuable than other locations, so unless you know you’ll use it, we recommend keeping the prep sink near the kitchen area.


Near the Main Sink

A huge mistake people make when installing a prep sink is putting it too close to the main sink. This defeats its purpose. Instead of having two prep spaces, you know have one very crowded one. A good prep sink should be out of the way, so it’s best not to have it too close to your main kitchen sink.


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