The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s so important to design an efficient space that makes your life easier! When it comes to designing your custom home kitchen, you might be asked about prep sinks. Prep sinks are secondary sinks that are typically smaller and places slightly away from the main cooking and cleaning spaces. Not every kitchen or family has the need or space for one, but if you do here are some benefits of adding one!


More Prep Space

There’s no such thing as too much prep space! Have you ever needed to fill a pot of water only to realize the sink is full of dishes? Or maybe your spouse is washing dishes, but you really need to wash fruit or veggies for dinner. Having an extra space gives you more prep space, making cooking easier and faster.


Easier for Two Cooks

Having more than one cook in the kitchen can be more frustrating than helpful, especially if you’re both trying to use the same space. That’s where a prep sink comes in! It means one person can be washing veggies while the other person does dishes. It really helps communal cooking be more comfortable and efficient.


Convenient Layout

There’s something called a “kitchen triangle” that is often used when designing kitchens. The idea is that the sink, stove, and sink should roughly be in a triangle for optimal use. Unfortunately, not all kitchens allow for a triangle layout. Adding a prep sink can help alleviate layout problems that come from not having a kitchen triangle by reducing congestion near the main sink or reducing the distance between the fridge and sink.


Ideal for Entertaining

Entertaining can be fun, but it can also be stressful, especially since it usually involves food and people tend to gather in the kitchen. Having a prep sink keeps people away from the main cleaning and cooking space. It also gives them a place to grab water, help you clean up, or make drinks. Many people even fill their prep sink with ice to chill wine, beer, or food!


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