Chores aren’t fun, but they are a realistic part of being an adult and owning a home. One of the great advantages of designing your own custom home is that you can optimize your house to make chores as easy as possible! Laundry rooms have become a major plus in any home, especially ones that are well designed and full of useful features. Here are some practical ideas to include in your laundry room that will make your life easier.


Folding Station

For a lot of people, the worst part about laundry is folding the clean clothes out of the drier. This portion of the chore can be especially annoying if you have nowhere to do it. Sure, you could lug an armful of clothes to the living room or bedroom, but wouldn’t it be easier if you had a place to fold them right in the laundry room? This is one of the easiest features to add and our custom home builders highly recommend it. You simply just need to put a countertop over the washer and dryer!


Drying Rack

Not all clothes can go into the drier. Rather than have wet clothes strewn about your home, making it look cluttered, simply add a drying rack to your laundry room! This can be anything from a pull-down rack to a single rod for hangers. The great thing about this feature is that it’s cheap to add and they don’t take up much room, but they’re such a help!


Ironing Station

Like crisp shirts for work or want to get wrinkles out of clothing that can’t go into the drier? Ironing is the answer. Make ironing a breeze by putting an ironing station in your laundry room! It’s easy to add hidden ironing boards these days, and it saves you the headache of having to get it out each time you need it.


Supply Storage

Storage is key to any home. Laundry rooms are an ideal place to store things such as laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and extra goods like paper towels or toilet paper. Adding in a storage closet will ensure you have everything you need on hand. It’s also a great place to store cleaning tools like vacuums and mops!


Laundry Sink

You might not need a laundry sink every day, but they’re so worth having for the times you need them! If you have the space we recommend you put one in. A laundry sink makes it easy to rinse out stains or hand wash clothing.  It can even double as a mudroom, giving your family a place to wash up instead of tracking dirt inside.


Pet Station

If you have a pet, consider including a pet station in your laundry room. A pet station can be as simple as a place your store their food or leash, or it can even include a special pet bathing station. Pet stations make it easy to keep all of your furry family member’s supplies in one place and make bath time easy.


Specialized Storage

The great thing about a custom home is that you can specialize everything, from layout to storage space. Specialized storage will make it easy to keep your home organized and uncluttered. Whether you just have a lot of coats that need a home or if your kids are into sports, consider adding storage tailored to your needs!


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