From countertops and floors to appliances and lighting, there are a lot of different elements to a beautiful, cohesive custom home kitchen. The one element that often pulls together the entire kitchen space is the backsplash. A good backsplash can unite all the other design elements. A bad one can ruin the entire look. One of the biggest things our clients ask our custom home builders about what are the best places to start and stop a kitchen backsplash?


Here are the top options for backsplash height.


4 Inch

If you have so many other stunning elements in your kitchen that you don’t really want a backsplash other than to protect your walls, consider going for the standard 4 inch height. Typically, a 4 inch backsplash uses just a section of countertop. It’s standard in builder grade homes, and one of the most common mistakes is putting backsplash on top of this, but if can look good if done right.



The most common place to stop a backsplash is to the edge of the cabinets. Backsplashes running up to the bottom of the cabinet, and stopping where the cabinets do, is the industry standard these days. It looks great, isn’t too expensive to install, and leaves you room to play around design wise.


Vent Hood

If you’re interested in a feature wall in your kitchen, consider running your backsplash up to the bottom of your vent hood. This makes the wall pop! Hood height only works in the right layout though, and it can be pricey. It’s definitely a wow moment when one well.



Reach for the sky! If you really want you custom home to scream luxury you should look into running your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. This is especially great if you have a feature stove wall, open shelving, a gorgeous sink window, or just want a wow without running your cabinets up to the ceiling. It can be expensive, and it requires the right tile, but it looks gorgeous!


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