Are you looking to move away from stark grey and neutrals in your custom home? Adding pops of bold, warm colors is a great way to show your personality and make your home feel cozy. Orange is one of the boldest colors out there, and while many people are scared to integrate this fun color into their home, it’s one of our custom home builders’ favorite colors to integrate into a house. Here are a few benefits of using the color orange in your custom home!


Adds Warmth

If you want to warm up your home, using a rich shade of orange is perfect. Orange brings the perfect amount of warmth to any space, even with just a few accents. It’s bold, but also earthy, making it the perfect balance between a bright color and neutral.


Perfect Pop

A little goes a long way when it comes to orange. That’s why it’s a great color if you’re looking for a little pop. Toss some orange pillows on your couch, go for an orange accent wall, or even use some orange accent pieces like vases or dishes.


Easy to Pair

Orange isn’t as hard of a color to work with as people think. Not only are there tons of shades, from pastel peach to burnt sienna, but orange also works with both cool and warm tones. It looks great with cold blues, greens, and greys, but it also works well with warmer browns, reds, and oranges.


Shade Options

One of the great things about orange is that there are a lot of shade options. You can go for a whimsical peach, a vibrant orange, or a moodier burnt shade. Each shade brings its own vibe, but either way, it will wow!


Works Anywhere

Some colors are just too much to use in certain places. For example, red is too stimulating for bedrooms. Orange is more versatile than people give it credit. Orange can work in any room in your house! Use it for a pop in your kitchen, an accent in the living room, a secondary color in the bedroom, or even go monochromatic in a powder room!


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