Just like fashion and food, home design has trends that come and go in popularity. Unlike other industries, home design trends tend to stick around for a few years, but that doesn’t mean they’re immortal. Eventually, people get tired of certain trends. Here are some custom home design trends that people are sick and tired of seeing in 2022!


Open Concept

Open concept has been huge for over a decade now. While open-concept layouts have a ton of advantages like openness and better entertainment, after being stuck inside during the pandemic people started to realize this style of layout has some major drawbacks. Lack of privacy and poor sound control has people moving away from open concept, especially with remote working and virtual school still sticking around.


Grey Everything

A few years ago, you could not escape the color grey in design. Grey wash wood floors. Grey quartz countertops. Grey stone exterior. Grey was definitely the color that dominated design trends over the past few years, but now people are over this depressing shade. People are embracing warm, earthy tones now, bringing nature inside.


Sterile Kitchens

Crisp, white kitchens have been a staple over the past few years. While they’re certainly stunning, they can be cold and unwelcoming. They worked well with the grey trend, but now people are ready to embrace earthy tones and vibrant colors. Now people are all about pairing white countertops with warm wood shelves or colorful cabinets.


Farmhouse Style

Thanks to HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse style became a staple in home design. People are finally ready to let go of their farmhouse décor though. Instead of shiplap and burlap, people are embracing funky wallpapers and fun patterns.


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