5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Custom Home Location

Are you looking into building your dream custom home in Toronto? Before you start planning the layout and selecting finishes, you’ll have to find the perfect lot to build on. There is a lot that goes into lot selection, from soil sampling to building codes, but there are also other elements home buyers should consider when selecting the location of their dream home. As they say, you change anything about a house except for the location! Here are some things to think about before settling on a lot for your new home.


Public Transit

One of the best parts about living in a big city like Toronto is access to public transit. While people love to complain about the TTC, we do have one of the best public transit systems in North America. Whether or not you have a car, think about how close you want to be near public transit. Even if you drive everywhere, being near a subway station or bus stop can increase the value of your home!



Working from home has become more common since the pandemic, however, businesses are starting to call workers back, even part-time. There are also some careers where going into work physically will always be required. While you can get larger lots further outside the city, your commuting costs and time will go up. It’s something you should consider. Are you really willing to devote 2-3 hours of your day, every day commuting to work to gain some extra space? For some people, it’s worth it. For others, it’s not.


School District

Do you have kids or are you planning on them in the future? You definitely want to consider the school district or what schools are nearby. Even if kids aren’t a part of your life, being near a good school district can have a positive impact on your home value!



Having a beautiful home to go home to can make life easier, but we only live a portion of our lives at home. So much of our day is spent running errands, attending appointments, and more. Before you select a location, take a look at how close things such as groceries stores, pharmacies, hair salons, doctors’ offices, and more are.



It’s no secret that traffic can be bad in big cities, especially Toronto. One thing people often forget to consider is how congested and busy the streets are around them. Sure, it might be convenient living near a major road, but that also means you’ll have more cars honking.


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