Did you take the plunge and install a stunning copper sink in your custom home? Copper sinks add warmth and depth to any kitchen design, but unlike standard stainless steel or porcelain sinks, they must be specially cared for. Although the care instructions are a bit different, they’re not hard to maintain if done right! Here is a guide on how to care for your home’s copper kitchen sink.


Tip 1: Clean After Every Use

Copper is considered a “live” material, which means it will change with time, especially when not properly cared for. Make sure you care for your copper sink by cleaning it after each use. Use warm water, a gentle dish soap, and a soft cloth or sponge.


Tip 2: Avoid Harsh Materials

Copper is a soft metal, so you need to be careful what materials you use on it. Never use scouring pads, steel wool, or any hard scrubbing pad. Also, be sure to avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals and cleaners.


Tip 3: Remove Stains

You may be worried about removing stubborn stains from your sink if you can’t use chemicals or scrubbing pads. Fear not, because there are some natural remedies you can turn to. Use baking soda and warm water to remove stubborn stains from your copper sink’s surface.


Tip 4: Dry it Out

Once you’ve cleaned your sink, don’t forget to dry it. This will prevent mineral deposits from forming and green spots. Copper is naturally a reddish-orange, but will turn green from oxidization and water.


Tip 5: Keep it Clear

Copper sinks aren’t for people that like to let dishes soak for long times. You should always remove food debris, especially acidic foods to prevent discoloration. Make sure to remove dishes as well to prevent scratching the sink surface.


Tip 6: Apply Protection

Make sure you set up reminders to apply a copper protectant or wax monthly. You’ll know it’s time to apply new protection when water no longer beads on the surface. You can also use special materials to shield and shine your copper sink’s finish.


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