Custom Home Residential Builder

Building a luxury custom home can be daunting and stressful and picking the right residential home builder is vital. When looking, be sure to ask these key questions to pick the best builder for you.

What is your experience, and how long have you been in the business?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone new to the business but it’s still something good to know about ahead of time. Good builders are proud of their work and will likely have a portfolio to show you. If your builder doesn’t want to tell you how long they’ve been working or show you their previous work that’s a serious red flag. Asking for references from past clients is also an excellent way to get a grasp on your potential residential home builder. A builder might do beautiful work but a past client can speak to their work ethic, their timeline and their general manner.

Who will be my primary point of contact?

Knowing whom you should contact for updates or changes is important. The builder might have a project manager or want you to take your concerns to the specific sub-contractor. Communication, especially during a build, is key and it’s important to clarify with your residential home builder.

What type of warranty do you provide for your work?

The usual wear and tear is normal on houses. However, serious problems can arise after a home is complete. It’s important to ask and get written out what sort of post-build warranty is provided by your builder. Knowing what is provided in your residential home builder’s warranty and how quickly things will get attended to varies from builder to builder so it’s a good thing to ask about.

What timeline can I expect for this build?

Timelines vary depending on the builder, the weather and how much work has to get done. Delays are common but it’s still important to get a good idea of when the work will be completed. Having a general timeline will help you plan and help keep your residential builder accountable.

What will the cost of my home be?

Costs can change depending on delays and final materials but a good builder should be able to give you a general idea of what the final coast will be. No one likes surprise costs on the bill at the end so sitting down and discussing pricing, in the beginning, is important to both you and your home builder. Having a contingency in your budget for surprises and delays can also help minimize the chances of going over budget or receiving surprise costs at the end.

Can I visit the work site?

Most Toronto residential home builders like you to visit the site at times to see the progress of the home and talk about details before it becomes too late to change. However, it’s important to talk about when these visits are appropriate and if the builder should be notified beforehand. Showing up unannounced can be tempting but if your presence is distracting or you get in the way of the work you can hinder and delay the progress.

When it comes to choosing a residential home builder there’s no such thing as a stupid question to ask. This isn’t just a house to you-it’s a home. Transparency and communication are key when it comes to home building so don’t be afraid to ask these vital questions.