Best Outdoor Features to Add to Your Custom Home

When building a custom home, your architect will want to talk to you about more than just your interior design. Outdoor living has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. Custom home builders are focusing on outdoor features just as heavily as indoor ones. Fire pits, pools, patios and more are being built. Here are best outdoor features to talk to your custom home builder about adding.

Fire Pit

Talk to your Toronto builder about adding a fire pit to the backyard of your custom home. Toronto winters can be brutal but a fire pit can be enjoyed all year round. Roast smores in the summer or cuddle under a blanket next to in the winter. Fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor home features architects get requested. They are also a fabulous feature that attracts home buyers.


A pool might not seem like an obvious choice for a backyard in Canada. Since it can’t be used all year round many people don’t like to waste their limited outdoor space on one. We understand, and only recommend putting on in if you have the space to spare. Make it a heated pool with a special winter cover. While pools can’t be enjoyed all year round here in Toronto, they will make your summers even more fun. Talk to your Toronto home builder about whether or not a pool is right for your custom home.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are huge right now. They are one of the top requested items among home builders, homeowners, and home buyers. On top of the standard grill consider adding a bar, counter tops, and a wood burning oven. All of these features really highlight the indoor-outdoor living trend that is so big right now.


Gardens are a great feature to add to your outdoor space. They can be as small or large as you want, making them perfect for any lot size. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but also they are cheap to put in and maintain. While a garden won’t thrive during the cold winter months up here in Canada there are seasonal vegetables you can plant to get use of it for the majority of the year.

Covered Patio

A covered patio or deck is a great outdoor feature to add to your custom home. They provide extra living space and make entertaining easier. A covered patio will also boost your resale value and make your home more appealing to buyers in the future. Covered patios and decks provide coverage from every weather type, making them usable always. Whether it’s sun, rain, or snow, your family can enjoy this area.

Hot Tub

If you can’t fit an entire pool in your outdoor space, consider adding just a hot tub. Custom home builders in Toronto are putting in more and more each year. Unlike a pool, hot tubs can be used during the winter months. Not to mention they are appealing to home buyers, aren’t too expensive, and don’t take up much space. For those that love to entertain, a hot tub can be great too.


No matter what size lot or home you’re building, you can do something wonderful with your outdoor space. Talk to your custom home builder about how you can make the most of your green space. Consider adding one or more of these awesome features.