Custom Home Builder Mistakes

Owning your own home is a huge life achievement. Building your first home is also a huge moment in life, one that is even more stressful than just buying. If you are considering building a home be sure to avoid these common mistakes. Toronto home builders come across people every day that has fallen victim to these.

Mistake 1: Not Choosing the Right Home Builder

Picking the right custom home builder in Toronto for the job is crucial. Depending on your needs and wants, they can do it all for you. From design to construction they handle it. Good custom home builders will listen to your wants and make them become a reality all while staying within your budget. Bad ones will ignore your opinion and do what they want.

There are key steps to making sure you find the right home builder in Toronto. Do the research, look at their portfolio, and don’t underestimate your gut. Read more about picking the right home builder here.

Mistake 2: Doing it All Yourself

Unless you are a professional, don’t try to do it all yourself. Hire a general contractor, a home builder, or someone to oversee the project. If you let it all rest on your shoulders the process will be ten times harder than it needs to be. Between your normal lives, you will be responsible for making decisions as a homeowner and making sure everything is getting done. What if there’s a scheduling issue or a delay? Are you willing and able to drop your normal life to deal with it?

Doing everything yourself can actually end up costing you more than if you had just hired someone. So save yourself time, money, and stress by not doing it all yourself.

Mistake 3: Cutting Corners

The supposed cost you think you’ll benefit from by cutting corners almost never works out. Even if you have a tight budget and are trying to be economical, there are certain corners you should never cut. Foundational and important items are worth their expensive price. Don’t skimp on your roof or windows to pay for a more expensive table.

Cutting corners can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Talk to a custom home builder about making up a budget that suits your needs. Stick to it and don’t cut costs when it comes to the important things.

Mistake 4: Not Thinking About Livability

A lot of first time home builders forget that this is their house. They get so caught up in the process they forget about the end. Don’t let your voice get lost in the mix. This isn’t your designers, architects, or Toronto builder’s home. It’s yours.

Think about your daily routine and lifestyle. What items would help your life function better? Think about room placement for noise and traffic. Consider space and how your family flows. Ask yourself how you actually live when building.

Mistake 5: Having Unrealistic Expectations

Yes, you are building your home. Yes, a good custom home builder should try to give you everything you want. However, life doesn’t always work that way. Be realistic about what you can expect out of your budget. Remember, you can always add on certain features later if you can’t do it now.

Setting a solid budget and having realistic expectations will make the whole process smoother. Consider what features are most important to you. Write them down and make sure those are included. You might not be able to get everything but you can get the most important items at least.

Mistake 6: Not Thinking About The Future

A big mistake Toronto home builders often encounter is people not considering the future. Your needs today might not be your needs tomorrow. Are you planning on expanding your family? If so build extra rooms. What about potentially needing an in-law suit? Will steps be an issue for anyone in the future? Think about the future during the design process.

Also, consider the future in terms of style. You don’t want your home to look outdated only a few years after it is finished being built. Talk to your custom home builder about selecting a timeless look and feel.


Building a home is an exciting process. Make sure you do it right by avoiding these first time home builder mistakes. Contact us today to get the process started.







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