Hiring a custom home builder

Building a custom home is stressful. There are endless decisions to be made. The biggest one comes before the process even starts. Picking the right custom home builder for the project can make or break it. Hiring the right person will determine how smoothly and efficiently the process goes and what quality of work you get. Here are a few tips for picking the right Toronto custom home builder.

1. Be Organized

Organization will be your saving grace during a building project. There will be tons to keep track of and it all starts while looking for the right custom home builder. Have your budget already figured out and any loans already in place. Make sure you already have a clear idea of what you want out of a custom home as this will make a big impact in the home builder you pick.

2. Crowd Source

Your friends and family are the best resource you having in finding a Toronto custom home builder. Ask them who they used, what they thought about them, and if possible to see the work in person. Word of mouth is the top way builders get work.

3. Shop Around

It’s a good idea to get at least two or three quotes for your home. Don’t take the first offer you get or hire the first person you meet. Even if the first person makes a great offer it’s still a good idea to get a second opinion.

4. Ask for References

References will give you a good idea of what this custom home builder is like to work with. This is incredibly important as you’ll be working closely with them for awhile during a stressful period. Actually call these references too and ask them their honest opinion.

5. Past Projects

There is no better way to judge the quality of a Toronto custom home builder’s work than to look at their past projects. Ask to see a portfolio and if possible visit one of their projects.

6. Talk to Them

Talk to the Toronto home builders you’re interviewing. Ask them questions and get to know them. You’ll be working with them so you want to make sure you feel like they’re easy to get along with and that they understand your needs and wants. Comfort should be a factor in deciding who you hire.

7. Lowest Isn’t Best

The saying you get what you pay for certainly applies to custom homes. Don’t just hire the cheaper option. Make sure you fully understand what is being included in each price and what factors could make it go up or down. Don’t hire the most expensive either, price doesn’t guarantee quality.

8. Negotiate

Negotiating isn’t allowed in every field but with home builders, it is sometimes. Some things will have hard and fast price tags but other things might be negotiated. It never hurts to try to lower the price when the worst they can do is say no.

9. Get it in Writing

Get everything agreed upon in writing. Once signed by both parties it is what will guarantee the final product you agreed upon. It’s always best to assume that if it’s not in writing you’re not getting it. Don’t take a verbal agreement.

10. Talk Timeline

Timelines can never be guaranteed. Delays and setbacks should be expected. But ask your potential custom home builder what they think the completion timeline would be. If you need a firm established deadline make sure to include enforcement incentives or penalties in the contract.

11. Ask About Warranty

Ensure that all the terms of the warranty are spelled out in the contract. How long are the materials and workmanship warranty for? It is usually around 2 years starting once the project is completed but this could be different. How long will they come and fix or inspect things after completed? Make sure you understand all of this.

12. Payment

Never pay all of the money up-front. This is a great way to ensure that things won’t get done on time or at all. After all, you’ve already paid them what motivation do they have? If items require pre-order and pre-pay make sure to get proof of order and confirmation. Make sure final payment is withheld until the project is completed.


Follow these tips for finding the right Toronto custom home builder for you. There are certain things you should look for in a home builder too. Asking questions is always a great idea when trying to pick. If you like your builder make sure to write them good reviews and spread recommendations through word of mouth to ensure other’s get great work too.

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