Permitting For Your Toronto Custom Home

A big part of any custom home build is making sure that you can actually build it!

All new builds, whether it’s an entirely new custom house or just a renovation, has to be permitted by the government. This is done simply so that Toronto can make sure homes are up to the standard they should be at.

What Are Permits?

Permits are the government’s way of ensuring that buildings are safe, built according to the rules and regulations, and that they are up to the required standards. If there is one area that you don’t want to ignore during your build project it is permitting. Not following building regulations or filing for the proper permits can lead to long construction delays, expensive fines, or having to tear down the project. Your custom home builder should take care of permitting for you but always double check.

Filing Permits

Toronto allows permits to be filed electronically or via submitting an application in person at a service counter. The application for builder permits must include a to-scale drawing of the proposed home, site plans, lot grading plans, floor plans, roof plans, and other construction details. This is where hiring a custom home builder becomes useful. They will keep track of all of this information and file for the correct permits for you.

In addition to building permits, custom homes may require other additional ones. HVAC systems (heating and cooling systems), electrical, and plumbing may need other permits. You can look online or ask your home builder to see which permits are applicable to your project. It’s important to file for all required permits before building and to do so accurately to avoid consequences.


There are multiple steps to permitting a custom home project. After filing permit applications you have to wait for them to come through. Once you receive them you can begin working on construction. At certain points during the project, you will have to request inspections. These inspections can be requested through the Toronto building inspector in the area. Expect at least 48 hours between the request and inspection.

It’s important to make sure your home is ready for inspection. Requesting one too early before things are done up to code can result in a failure and a delay. An inspector will tell you if your project is one track and tell you if you need to make any modifications. Inspections in Toronto do involve fees based on the size of the project. Be sure to pay these as failure to do so can result in delays or halts to the constructions.

Hiring Help

Permitting can be confusing and stressful. Hiring a custom home builder means that not only will they design, plan, and build your home, but they will also take care of all the permits and inspections. They are experts at this meaning your permits will be files one time and done so accurately. Contact us to begin building your dream custom home.