5 Things to Never Skimp on When Building Your Toronto Home- Sina Architectural Design


Building a custom home, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, can be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to keep costs down or stay within your budget, there are certain places that costs can be cut. Custom home builders usually recommend purchasing less expensive items that can easily be upgraded later on like lighting or cabinet hardware. However, there are some areas in the building process that should not be skimped on. Going the cheap route can not only cause serious issues, fixing it, later on, can be even more costly than the initial bid. Here are the things you should never skimp on when building your home in Toronto!



It gets cold up here in Canada. Toronto winters can be brutal, but summers can be equally as hot. Insulation is what regulates your home’s temperature. It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Skimping on insulation might save you some upfront costs, but quality insulation actually saves you money in the long run. It will save you on heating and cooling bills, so definitely don’t cheap out on this!



Similar to insulation, windows are vital to regulating a house’s temperature. Quality windows protect from heat, cold, rain, UV rays, and more. So they do more than just allow you to look out. High-quality windows are also one of the top things buyers look for in a home, so if and when you go to sell you’ll definitely see a return on your investment. Some windows are also considered eco-friendly so can earn you tax rebates which can help offset the additional costs too.


Licensed Professionals

You can have the highest quality materials and the perfect design, but if you don’t hire the right people to work on your home it doesn’t matter. Going for cheaper labor might be tempting, but it can lead to costly and dangerous mistakes. Always hire experienced and licensed professionals to work on your home, whether it’s plumbers, electricians, framers, flooring installers, or designers.



When it comes to deciding what to save on and what to splurge on, most custom home builders recommend splurging on flooring. Other items can easily be upgraded later on when more funds become available, but changing out flooring isn’t so easy. Your home’s flooring also takes the most wear and tear, so going for cheaper flooring can result in your beautiful new home looking old and worn pretty quickly. In the main and high traffic areas of your house, go for high-quality flooring.



Home storage in the GTA is gold. Homes might be smaller here, but people have just as much stuff as other places. Investing in smart storage solutions will not only make your life easier, but it will be appealing to buyers if you ever sell. Make sure everything in your home will have a place to go when you move in. Put in extra closets, look into creative storage solutions, and don’t forget about underutilized areas like under the stairs. Skimping on storage might not hurt your home, but it will make it look cluttered and cause complications in your life.


Final Thoughts

Budgeting is one of the hardest things to manage when building a custom home. That’s why we try to advise our clients on the areas where it’s okay to save a little, and places where they absolutely should not skimp on. Going for the cheaper option on some items can cause costly mistakes and expensive repairs, so do some research beforehand. If you have any questions or want to start building your dream home in Toronto feel free to contact us!