The kitchen is the heart of any home, and it’s regarded as one of the most important rooms for feng shui as well. If you’re interested in feng shui and having positive energy in your custom home, it’s important to follow these tips.


Do Pick the Kitchen Location Carefully

The kitchen location is always an important decision during the home design process, but if you’re interested in feng shui you should give it extra consideration. Because of the stove, in feng shui the kitchen represented the fire element in your home. If it’s in the center of the home, it means the fire is attacking the heart of the home which can bring back luck. The best place for the kitchen is at the back of the home, preferably in the south or southwest, or the north or northeast corners.


Don’t Slack on Cleanliness and Clutter

No one enjoys a dirty or cluttered kitchen, and in feng shui, this is believed to impact the energy flow in the home as well. A messy kitchen can create negative energy in the space, impacting the health of the family. For good feng shui, make sure you deep clean appliances, clear off countertops and make sure everything has a place. You should also be sure to replace any broken or damaged items as the kitchen symbolizes nourishment and love, and broken items can impact the chi.


Do Pay Attention to Stove Burners

In feng shui, stove burners represent opportunities and sources of wealth. That’s why it’s believed that the more burners you have, the more prosperity and success you’ll see. So if you have the space, go for that industrial-sized stove! If you can’t fit a bigger stove, you can always double the burners using mirrors. Also, while many people have a favorite burner, it’s important to rotate for feng shui so that you can open up more sources of wealth.


Don’t Put the Sink and Stove Together

There are tons of helpful tips about kitchen layouts, but feng shui has its own rules. If the water element (sink) and fire element (stove) are placed together they can cause conflict. It’s best not to have them right next to each other or across from one another. If you can’t prevent this due to layout restrictions, try using an earth element between them like a green rug.


Do Use Certain Colors

Color plays a big role in feng shui. White is believed to be the best color for kitchens as it represents purity and cleanliness. You can also pick colors based on which of the five elements you need in your space. Earthy colors represent nourishment, and stability, wood colors represent flexibility and vitality, fiery colors represent inspiration and passion, watery colors represent social connections and wisdom, and metal colors present precision and joy.


Don’t Keep Certain Items Out in the Open

According to feng shui, certain items should be kept hidden away because they can bring bad energy if left out in the open. Knives can create bad chi so keep them stored in drawers. The trashcan should also be hidden away or moved into another area. You also should avoid hanging objects overhead, like pots and pans, as these can cause anxiety and invite bad chi.


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