The kitchen sink is probably one of the most important appliances in any custom home. It will do a ton of heavy-duty work throughout the years, which is why it’s so important to put it in the perfect place. The wrong sink location can impact both the aesthetic and practicality of your custom home kitchen and make even the simplest of chores much worse. Here are the best and worst kitchen sink locations!


Best Kitchen Sink Locations


In-Front of Window

By far the best and most common place for a kitchen sink is in front of a window. This allows you to look out while cleaning up and provides natural light. Many people will insist on a sink in front of the window. It’s what many people grew up with and it’s easy to see why it’s so loved.


Adjacent to the Stove

When deciding the sink location you should always think about other appliances. The best place for the sink is adjacent to the stove, as this creates what they call the “work triangle”. This can be a little down the countertop from the stove, diagonal from it, or just nearby. You want to have enough space between the two so that you can properly cook, but not too much that it’s inconvenient.


Looking Out

Kitchen island sinks are actually a bit controversial. Some people love it while others hate it. While it’s less than ideal to have dirty dishes cluttering up your island or peninsula if you don’t have the option of facing a window, facing outwards is the next best thing. Many parents with love kids also prefer this layout as it makes it easy to watch then while cooking or cleaning.


Worst Kitchen Sink Locations


Facing Wall

There’s nothing worse than cleaning a pile of dishes in the sink while facing a wall. Though this can’t always be avoided, a sink facing a wall shouldn’t be your go-to spot. It makes the area feel cramped, doesn’t give you anything to look at, and can be dark.



Corner sinks were huge back in the day, but people quickly realized they were super impractical. They can be uncomfortable to work at, are usually smaller, and don’t have a great layout for things such as drying racks.


Across from Stove

This is a common mistake people make when building a custom home. While it’s important for the sink and stove to be near each other, you never want them to be directly across from one another. This is because it makes it difficult for two people to work at once. If you need to have them across from one another, make them a bit diagonal so that they’re not directly facing one another.


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