Building a two-story custom home? It’s been a trend in recent years to place a master suite on the first floor in new homes. There are many compelling reasons to do this, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of a first-floor master suite according to our custom home builders!


Pros of First Floor Master


Perfect for Aging Into

If you’re thinking of staying in your home long term or may have to take in older relatives, a first-floor master suite is a great option. Stairs become harder to navigate the older you get, so having everything you need on the main level is great. The main floor master is also super convenient in case there are ever any injuries or disabilities that arise.


Distance from Older Children

Parents of older children often jump at the chance to stay in a main floor master away from the teens. No more getting frustrated by loud music or video games. Older kids also tend to appreciate having more independence and privacy from their parents, so it’s a win-win.


More Privacy

Whether you’re planning on making it your bedroom or using it for guests, a main floor master suite provides more privacy for other members of your household. For guests, it means not having to share a bathroom or invade your space. For you, it could mean getting much-needed separation from your kids.


Cons of First Floor Master


Near Common Areas

A downside of a main floor master is that it’s not as separate from the common areas as it would be if it was on another level. This can create issues, especially if some people in your family tend to stay up later or get up earlier. Being so near the living spaces could impact sleep and actually decrease privacy. It all depends on your family’s lifestyles.


Distance from Younger Children

While parents of older children love the distance main floor masters offer, this can actually be a downfall for parents of younger kids. Younger kids need to be monitored more and often need parents in the middle of the night. It can be tiring running up and downstairs checking on them, and some parents don’t like the idea of not being down the hall in case there’s an emergency.


Space and Resale

If you’re interested in a first-floor master you have to consider where the space for it will come from. You may have to reconfigure or sacrifice space for common areas to make it fit. Main floor master suits are also polarizing. Some people love them while others strongly dislike them. Simply put, they don’t work for every family so it could impact the resale value of your home or at least make it harder to find as many buyers. On the other hand, there are plenty of people that would pay more for it!


Final Thoughts

Still not sure whether a main floor master is right for you? Before deciding take a look at how your family lives and how that will change while living in the space. If you’re interested in the best of both worlds, consider building two-master suits. One upstairs with the other bedrooms. and another on the first floor. That way you can decide which one you’d rather stay in or change in the future if needed.


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