If you enjoy a nice drink after a day of work or love to host friends and family at your house, you might want to consider adding a bar to your custom home! A bar area can not only make entertaining easier, but it can also add value to your home. There are tons of awesome features you can add to a bar area, such as a wine fridge, beer tap, prep sink, and more.


But where exactly should a bar area go? A bar in the wrong place can just be in the way, so here are the best places to install a bar area in your house, according to our custom home builders!



Basements and bars just go hand in hand. It became a trend in the ’70s for people to add bars to flex spaces in the basements, and it has stuck around until today! Basements are a great option because it means all the noise can be concentrated downstairs behind a closed door. Basement bars are also great because they have a sink and fridge, which your basement might not otherwise have, and can be used for non-alcoholic purposes as well!


Dining Room

If you love to host and entertain, then consider adding a bar to your dining room. It will make it easy to serve drinks without getting in the way of the food being prepped in the kitchen. It also helps stere people from congregating in the kitchen as well, which can be stressful for the host. If you have a butler’s pantry between your kitchen and dining room, that is also a great spot for a bar!



Some people find a bar area in a kitchen redundant, but it can be very useful if it’s away from the main prep and cooking space! A secondary small fridge and sink will make it easier to host and keep people away from the work. Having it near the kitchen also makes cleaning up easier!


Living Room

Living room bars can be either convenient or in the way, depending on how much you use them. If you host frequently, they’re great! For people that don’t often entertain, though, they can just eat into otherwise useable space. Still, most entertaining happens in the living spaces, so it makes sense to have a bar there. Just make sure you’ll actually use it enough to justify it occupying prime real estate in your home.


Master Bedroom

At first glance, a bar in the master bedroom might seem weird. But a bar doesn’t have to be used only for alcoholic drinks! Many people put them in so that they can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea in the morning without ever having to leave their room. Having one in the master suite can make it feel even more luxurious and spa-like.


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