When it comes to a good bathroom design, there is more that goes into it than just picking tile. Many homeowners get overwhelmed by all the decisions and choices and end up ignoring very obvious mistakes. The bathroom is a vital room in the house, so it’s important to avoid disastrous choices. Bathrooms are also one of the most expensive rooms in a custom home and fixing mistakes can be costly.


Here are a few common bathroom design mistakes people make according to our custom home builders!


Lack of Storage

Storage is one of the most valuable things you can have in a home, especially in a place like Toronto where space is limited. Bathrooms require more storage than people often plan for. Just think about all the things you use and need to store. Towels, toilet paper, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and more!


If you love features like floating vanities or well-decorated open shelving, make sure you’re planning for hidden storage elsewhere in the space. Bathrooms that don’t have enough end up looking cluttered and busy, taking away from all of the other beautiful design features.


Incompatible or Difficult Materials

The hard truth that custom home builders often have to explain to homeowners is that not all materials are suitable for bathrooms. Yes, hardwood flooring is amazing, but it will likely warp due to the humidity and moisture in a bathroom. And while you may dream of a real marble shower, the truth is that marble requires a ton of care and is prone to staining and chipping.


If you want a long-lasting bathroom, be practical when you pick materials. There are tons of great look-alike products these days like vinyl wood-look flooring or porcelain marble tiles. It’s possible to get the look you’re going for without using the real thing! Not only will it save you future headaches, but they’re usually cheaper.


Oversized Fixtures

Design for the space you have, not the space you want. Nothing ruins a beautifully designed bathroom more than a giant tub that dominates the space or a massive sink that eats up all the space.


Measure everything multiple times and listen to your home builder when they recommend the maximum size for fixtures like sinks, showers, and tubs. Sure, maybe you could technically fit something bigger in, but it’s all about proportions and using space wisely.


Not Paying Attention to Lighting

Lighting is the underrated star to any design. What’s the point of a great-looking room if you can’t see it? Lighting is especially important in bathrooms where most grooming is done. Have you ever tried shaving your face or applying makeup in terrible lighting? It doesn’t turn out well!


Make sure you have a good about of light, whether it’s natural or artificial. Think about the types of fixtures as well as temperature. Also, it’s important to know that while you may dream of a stunning chandelier over your big bathtub, most hanging fixtures are not allowed over bathtubs! It’s important to follow code when planning lighting.


Trendy Design Over Practical

Trends come and go, especially in home design. Some might last longer than others, but most fade eventually. Many homeowners make the mistake of designing for current trends instead of practicality or their actual tastes. Just because something is popular now doesn’t mean it will be in a few years!


Bathrooms are some of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so if you do want to incorporate trends do it on easier to replace features. Skip the trendy shower or flooring and instead use a popular paint color or light fixture. Also, never sacrifice practicality for prettiness. It’s a mistake you will deeply regret, we promise!


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